Sage smudging with amethyst crystal kit
Sage smudging with amethyst crystal kit

Sage smudging with amethyst crystal kit

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Cleansing kits include a Palo Santo stick, a White Sage bundle, a stick of selenite, a smudge feather, a large scallop shell (to burn the Palo Santo and white sage on) and a Chevron Amethyst crystal.

How to smudge with White Sage and Palo Santo...

Your space... Open a few windows and/or doors. Light one end of the Palo Santo or White Sage bundle. Allow the it to catch fire for a few seconds, then blow out. Lay on the large scallop shell and move though your house walking clockwise though your home, starting from top to bottom. Using the smudge feather to waft the smoke into corners of the room. Let the smoke dissipate before shutting your windows and doors.

Yourself... Light the Palo Santo/White Sage as before, then waft the smoke (carefully as not to burn yourself) around yourself, under your arms, under your legs, under your feet and up and down your chakras. Then affirm 'I am cleansed, I am clear of all negative energies.' Leave the Palo Santo/White Sage to burn out on the scallop shell.

Never leave unattended until the smoke is gone or stubbed out.