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Workshop Leaders
Are you a creator looking to share your skills with others? We believe in "learn, create, share" so much we had it printed on our windows! We feel that it is important to learn creative skills, put them into practise and then share them. That is why we are offering a downstairs, accessible space for creatives to hold workshops.

If you run a creative community group you too can get involved and use the space. We are very open to ideas of how the space is used. Tell us about it here!

The space itself is quite versatile, and we can move tables, add/remove chairs to suit your needs. We would be able to create a space with tables for up to 12/16 at the moment (dependent on table configuration). We also have space around the edges of the workshop area.

What you get:

  • Tables & chairs to suit your requirements, up to 16 people
  • Access to electricity and water (upstairs)
  • Extra space around the workshop area for cutting/prep work.
  • Advertising of your workshop on our website, social media, windows etc.
  • Booking of your workshops on our system in store & online. 
  • To be a part of Ashford's creative community.

For all of this we charge £15 per hour plus 5% commission on workshop bookings.  Any profit generated goes back into our social enterprise and supports creativity in our community. 

If you can think of any other use and want more info register your interest here.