Scrub sewing update and competitions!

Wow! It has been another incredible period of generosity since our last update. People have given so much time and money to helping sew scrubs for the NHS in our area. To date our team of 314 sewers have made a massive 1138 sets of scrubs!

We have dispatched the following items to local care providers to date: scrubs 763, facemasks 127, hats 844 and washbags 958.

We have raised over £9000 on our crowd funding campaign and we have been very lucky to have had a further £6500 from private investors. Including members grants from Cllr. Dara Farell and Cllr. Peter Feacey. We have also had generous donations from Givaudan, an Ashford Borough Council project grant and the Deal Freemasons which brings our fund-raised total to a massive £15,500! This has helped us buy 8.2km of fabric, 4km of twill tape and 100s of patterns.

People have contributed a HUGE amount of their time to this project and the donation of time and skills has been the key to providing our local NHS with the scrubs they need to keep them safer in their important roles. We have thanked them before but really can’t thank them enough; the sewers, the collectors, the distributors, our team of coordinators, the printers, the Radio Ashford team and every person who has helped us in any way through out this.

Here is a break down of approximate volunteer hours (for scrub sewing alone):

Scrub sewing hours – 5,700

Driving hours – 450

Admin hours – 600

Fabric/scrub sorting – 240

Total = 6990 hours!

If our volunteers were being paid the living wage it would equal £60,952.80 that they have donated to us with their time.

Due to this massive volunteer commitment Sarah Mabb, co-founder of Kent Scrubbers and coordinator of Ashford, Folkestone and Dover Scrubbers wanted to treat our volunteers to something special. She found local businesses who wanted to donate prizes for raffles and competitions that scrub sewers and other volunteers could enter to win. A lovely little way to show the appreciation for what people are doing for the group and a nice way for local businesses to get involved. Donations have been received from the following local businesses: Ashford Picture house, Old Dairy Brewery, Ashford Truck Stop, Biddenden Vineyard and East Kent Timber. To join or check out the competitions join the Facebook page here


This idea then grew further in Sarah’s kind, creative mind and she wanted to extend it to the amazing people who are receiving our scrubs. It was then she decided to create a new competition for our key workers. “Because we all miss the ladies in our daily life, I wanted to treat some special ladies with my version of a bouquet of flowers. I donated a roll of beautiful fabric and I'm inviting our communities to nominate a local nurse for these fancy floral scrubs. Violet, a very special seamstress is working on this project with me, to make each set bespoke to our winners.” Said Sarah Mabb, co-founder of Kent Scrubbers and coordinator of Ashford, Folkestone and Dover Scrubbers. You can head over to the Facebook page to add your nomination and hit the like button as there are some more ideas for key worker prizes in the pipeline!