Win a £50 Made in Ashford voucher in our Raffle and help local makers

Delve deep into that hat and pull out a lucky number because we are going to have a raffle! Yes we are pulling out all the fun fair shots here with you right now. Win a £50 Made in Ashford e-voucher to use in store when we reopen or online now!

Tickets are £5 each and we will be selling a maximum of 25 then we will draw the winner who will receive a £50 voucher to spend with us. All entrants will get a little bonus gift for taking part which will change each raffle. Buy your ticket here.

This raffle will raise £125. The first £50 of that will be going on the voucher which the winner will then spend in our shop with our members buying beautiful goodies, helping kick start their sales again after lock down (or now if the winner chooses to spend the voucher on our website.) The next £25 will be spent on a little something for each person who entered and a stamp to get it to you. The final £50 will go into our social enterprise Craftship Enterprise CIC to go towards paying our members to continue to produce creative content (like our colouring sheets and activity packs) for us to share with you guys for free. All the money we hope to raise goes back into our members in someway and also back to you, our community!

We hope you want to get involved and we wish you the best of luck with in the raffle.

Names will be drawn live from a hat after 25 sales have been completed. You can purchase tickets on our website here.


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