Meet The Maker - The Crafty Shop at Made In Ashford

The Crafty Shop at Made In Ashford

Zoe joined Made In Ashford back in October with her small business called ‘The Crafty Shop’ she handmakes and sells items made out of jesmonite. Zoe’s creations have proved to be extremely popular, often purchased as gifts for the home. 

When did you start your business?

I started my original business back in 2011 but it has changed a few times. Originally I was selling handmade cards and crafting supplies. Over time this developed and changed to home gifts and crafting supplies. As much as I loved this, I missed the creative side of my business. By chance I saw Jesmonite being used on Instagram and wanted to give it a try. Fell in love immediately with the whole process and it has developed from there over the last 8 months. 

What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is an eco resin. It is a two part powder and liquid that sets within 20mins of being mixed. This has taken a bit of trial and error as I have to be quick when adding colour and pouring into moulds. 

Handmade Jesmonite Gifts

Have you always been creative?

I have always loved arts and crafts. At school we had to choose cooking or textiles and I wanted to do both but textiles won! I have a degree from Nottingham Trent Uni in Textile design. Spent a lot of my days in the studios and loved every minute of it. I always love to be doing something creative. 

What is your favourite item that you make?

My current favourite piece is the face dishes. The lady I get the moulds from makes the moulds from a clay carving and think this shows the creative and organic nature in the dish. 

Nearly all the moulds I use come from small businesses, I like to support as many little businesses as possible. 

When did you join Made In Ashford?

I joined MIA in October. I absolutely love it! It’s the best community of people and I enjoy every minute of being a part of it.

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