Meet The Maker - Teal Alien Crafts at Made In Ashford

We bring you the lovely Nadia from Teal Alien Crafts! Nadia is an explosion of colour and inclusivity. Nadia’s work includes; positive crafting quotes on tote bags and pouches, pronoun badges and keyrings, Pride Flag stickers and much more.  Inclusivity is at the core of what Nadia believes in and her work reflects this. 

Where did the name of your business come from?

I have lots of projects that are a work in progress, WIPs, also known as UFOs! Unfinished objects. So one of my friends suggested I should use the other meaning of UFO to fit my independent business. Teal is my favourite colour and the colour of my cricut machine which is the heart of my business! Therefore UFO = Alien and Alien Teal Crafts flowed naturally from it!

What is your best seller in Made In Ashford?

Probably my pronoun badges and keyrings

How did your business start?

My ADHD impulsiveness inspired me to buy a cricut machine at the end of 2020 and since it was a bit of an investment, I had to make it worth it! I started making tote bags for crafters to keep their UFOs in. Then I had a Pride themed Market that I was involved with and made some stock for that and it did really well. I was invited to join Made In Ashford in July 2021 and the rest is History!

Do you have a favourite item in Made In Ashford?

Personally, I love my Pride kitty pouch.

What do you like to do when you're not busy with your business?

I basically live the craft life as I also work part time in Hobbycraft! When I have time to myself I usually watch Netflix comedies, but it's likely I’ll have a project on the go at the same time!

Find more or Nadia's work here: Teal Alien Crafts.

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