Meet The Maker - Sue from Mulberry Glass Art

Mulberry Glass Art at Made In Ashford

This is Sue from Mulberry Glass Art! Sue has been part of Made In Ashford for many years. She hand paints bespoke designs on drinking glasses and vases, each one has a beautiful handmade quality and is completely unique. These items make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas. 

What was the first piece of glass that you painted?

My very first attempt at glass painting was some polka dot wine glasses I made with my son, who was 9 at the time.  We gave them to all the family for Christmas presents.

How long have you been a seller in Made In Ashford?

I have been with Made In Ashford almost since the very beginning. The shop opened the October and I joined in the following February

Mulberry Glass Art at Made In Ashford

What's your favourite design?

I don’t really have a favourite design although the poppies and daisies seem to be most popular with customers.  I usually find that when I come up with a new design, it becomes my favourite for a while, it’s nice to do something new!

Do you practice your designs on paper first?

I usually draw a design on paper to get the basic shape or outline, but I can only really get the final coloured design by working with the paints straight onto the glass.

Mulberry Glass Art at Made In Ashford

Where do you find your glasses to paint on?

I find my vases and glasses in all sorts of places.  I use several florist and glass supplies wholesalers, but I also love to trawl the charity and antique shops looking for more unique pieces.  It’s great to recycle and upcycle where I can. 

Find more of Sue's work here

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