Meet The Maker - Steph from Uglybugsteph

Uglybugsteph at Made In Ashford

How long have you been Uglybugsteph?

I think I established Uglybugsteph in about 2014.  I've always been drawing and making but I'm pretty certain that's when I put the Uglybugsteph name to my work.

Where did you study?

I studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University.  

Are you local to Ashford?

I'm from Sturry, just outside Canterbury, so just a short train ride away

Uglybugsteph stickers at Made In Ashford

 Do you have a favourite illustration?

One of my favourite illustrations I've done is a landscape where all the clouds are cats.  (I do have a print of this in MIA, but I think it gets overlooked a bit) you can find it on my Instagram. 

Uglybugsteph Pin Badges at Made In Ashford

 What's your best seller?

I think my best sellers are my pins, I'm almost out of a bunch of designs such as the axolotl, frogs and pigeon.  And when they're gone they won't be back!  I like doing small runs of designs so I can always make new stuff

Find more of Uglybugsteph's work here


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