Meet The Maker - My Tiny Little Studio at Made In Ashford

This is Anneli from My Tiny Little Studio, she designs and creates playful, whimsical and curious fairy gardens. Anneli then puts all the tiny pieces together in a kit that you can buy in Made In Ashford. Create one of Anneli’s fairy garden kits at home or book one of her Fairy Garden Workshops held at The Craftship, Park Mall Ashford. Where Anneli will be on hand for some one to one guidance.   

When did you start your business?

About five years ago I did a fairy party for my daughters 6th birthday, where I made toadstools for their party bags. From the toadstools I then made fairy doors to sell in Made In Ashford. I then did an easter fairy garden workshop and then started making kits. 

What attracts you to all things tiny?

I’ve always loved tiny things, anything miniature, I think it sparks the imagination of what is the smallest thing that might live there, maybe because I've always been tiny too! 

Do you have a favourite fairy kit?

My favourite kit has got to be the glass bauble kits as you have to make the tiniest garden to fit in it.

What kit is your best seller?

My best sellers are my Tiny Garden Kits priced at £8.95 in Made In Ashford. These are packaged in compostable clear film bags and come in various colours and themes.

What do you like about running the fairy garden creative workshops?

I love seeing the faces of pure joy on the children when they see what they are going to make! I love their surprise at the selection of flowers, jewels and other treasures they can choose from limitlessly! And I love watching their creations develop and the pride they have when they have finished their masterpieces. 

Anneli’s Fairy Garden kits are a great creative activity that you can do with the children at home or make them together for some family craft time here at The Craftship in Park Mall, Ashford.

You can buy My Tiny Little Studios craft kits here.

Book one of Anneli’s Fairy Garden Creative workshops here.

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