Meet The Maker - Jean & Amy from The Little Organic Company

The Little Organic Company at Made In Ashford

Meet Jean and Amy!  A mum and daughter team selling Organic beauty products here in Made In Ashford. Their business is called The Little Organic Company, selling Coffee Body Scrub, Whipped Shea body Butter and loads more.

1, When and why did you start your business? 

Amy started the business after making her own products. She liked the fact that they were pure with no environmental nasties and that they worked better than other products she was using. She started working with a small company who made the products based on her design. Being organic the products need to be certified and they do this for us. 

2, Are you local to Ashford? 

We live in Charing and reasonably new to the area, moving here 18 months ago and we  just love it.

3, What is your favourite product that you sell?

Amy loves the coffee body scrub and CBD products and it shows in her hair and skin

For me it’s the face scrub, I use it twice a week and the whipped Shea body butter is a super nice moisturiser 

Coffee body scrub from The Little Organic Company at Made In Ashford

4, What is your best seller? 

There is no one answer as it varies, online it’s the face scrub, as it’s been Amazon Choice for 3 years! At pop-ups it’s CBD and whipped Shea products and in Made In Ashford the face products sell particularly well.

CBD from The Little Organic Company

5, What is your top beauty tip?

We only have one skin and if we need to look after it…….you can’t go wrong with quality, clean products.

Check out more of The Little Organic Company's products in Made In Ashford today. 

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