Meet The Maker - Hayley from Jackdaw and Bear

Jackdaw and Bear at Made In Ashford

This is Hayley! Hayley runs Jackdaw and Bear with her husband in the beautiful North downs East Kent. Between them they have studied illustration and wildlife conservation. Putting these two interests together, Jackdaw and Bear was a natural outcome.


How long have you been running your business?

Jackdaw And Bear was an idea sitting on the back burner for many years, we were always creating and making special gifts for friends and family but taking that extra step took a back seat from the day jobs. The lockdown gave us more time at home and spending time creatively really helped stave off cabin fever and switch off from additional work pressures of the pandemic.

Jackdaw and Bear Prints at Made In Ashford

What is your inspiration?

We’ve always wanted to do something that married our interests, between us we’ve studied Illustration and Wildlife Conservation, hence our work is heavily inspired by nature and the countryside home and abroad.


Where did the name of your business come from?

The name Jackdaw And Bear, came from the depths of Al’s mind, it fits nicely with our nature inspiration and so might say that we both channel our inner jackdaw and bear at different times!


When did you get into lino cutting?

Most of our work uses the traditional linocut printmaking technique, we are self-taught and really started during the first lockdown, with the idea being that we could be creative without it taking over our small house…. How wrong we were! 

We launched Jackdaw And Bear in November 2020 and had such positive feedback from customers loving our designs that we’ve rearranged the house to include a wee printmaking studio.

Bee by Jackdaw and Bear at Made In Ashford

What is your best seller in Made In Ashford?

I was thrilled to join MIA, I love being part of a community of makers, supporting each other and local events. Our best seller in the shop is probably either our printed cards or our pollinator friendly wildflower seeds with our bumblebee print.

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