Meet The Maker - Christina from Poca and Pan

Poca and Pan at Made In Ashford

Poca and Pan (AKA Christina and Hollie) are a formidable duo, who stand for female solidarity, inclusivity and kindness. They’re a LGBTQ+ run company that promotes individuality and they always try to empower and encourage others within their work.


Tell me about the message behind your work?

Hollie and I started Poca and Pan during lockdown but it's always my face (Christina) you'll see in MIA. We stand for female solidarity, inclusivity and kindness. As an LGBTQ+ run company, we love to promote individuality - being who you want to be. We always try to empower and build others and our print designs reflect this. 


Who are your top three female icons?

Our top 3 female icons are; Maya Angelou, Lady Gaga and Xena The Warrior Princess - all equally fabulous in their own ways.

Oooh.. Can we add Lizzo to our favourites too. We cannot forget about her!


What print is your personal favourite?

Personal favourite print: Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote "Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb" it's so vibrant and striking. Plus, it's our favourite feminist quote!

Poca and Pan Print at Made In Ashford

What is your best seller in Made In Ashford?

We get lots of enquiries about our personalised portraits and people then get in touch because they've seen our work in the shop - which is awesome. However, our 'Woman Up' print which comes in a variety of colours, has been a bestseller since we first started in MIA back at the start of 2021


Find more of Poca and Pans work in store at Made In Ashford 

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