Meet The Maker - BittyArt at Made In Ashford

BittyArt at Made In Ashford

Suzanna finds the process of making very therapeutic, whether it's her dotty art pieces or her macramé work. Whenever Suzanna is in the shop or at our Craft Market you will find her working on her beautiful macramé hanging plant holders, these are made from rope and t-shirt yarn. 

BittyArt sells beautiful wall hangings, hanging plant holders, earrings made from recycled materials, wristlet keyrings and handbags as well as a range of items covered with dots! 

BittyArt wall hanging

How long have you been crafting?

Approx 6yrs. I lost my job due to illness and was looking for something new. 

Where did the name of your business come from?

Because I make bits of this and bits of that, loosely masquerading as art

What is Macramé?

Macramé is creating items using yarn or rope etc with a series of knots. No needles or hooks required, except for when I'm sewing the sides of a bag up. When I often thread the large yarn through a Bobby pin! 

What are your favourite materials to use?

I'm working to become more environmentally friendly and currently use an increasing amount of recycled T-shirt yarn in my macramé work. This is such a joy to use, as its much softer than rope when knotting large items 

I admit to buying the yarn by the spool rather than recycling my old t-shirts, although I have done so in the past. However the yarn is sourced from either Turkey or Poland where it's recycled from the textile industry, saving it from going to landfill.

I also keep all my scraps and offcuts, which I use to make earring, multi coloured bags and all the teeny bits are awaiting a home if someone needs them for stuffing etc 

BittyArt earrings at Made In Ashford

What is your best seller in Made In Ashford?

It varies week to week, macramé plant holders or jigsaw earrings. These are recycled jigsaw puzzle pieces! No one can do a puzzle with missing bits!


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