Craftship Enterprise CIC & Made in Ashford 2020 report

It has been such a strange time with our shop shut for much of the year. This really reflected to us our values, what we are about as a social enterprise; sharing creativity within the community. That same community really shone through this year. People stood out, going above and beyond for our shop, for Ashford, for our NHS and for each other.

Reviewing this year has been a beautiful and heart warming process, we have done so much being apart but always together!

Click here for the Craftship Enterprise CIC & Made in Ashford 2020 report 

Below is an info graphic for you to view with our top stats (there are quite a few - we have been busy!) 

Craftship Enterprise CIC & Made in Ashford Report 2020

Special thanks to Danielle from Tinybeegle for the report design and Katy from Katy & the Bear for the info graphic design. We are so lucky to have such awesome superstars!

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