Befandabbydozzy has opened upstairs in Made In Ashford

Jo from Befandabbydosey at Made In Ashford

I'd like to introduce Jo from Befandabbydozzy! Befandabbydozzy is an independent business that has just moved into our incubator space upstairs within Made In Ashford. 

Befandabbydozzy sells a mixture of handmade gifts, prints and furniture. Jo specialises in personalised giftware. You can buy hoodies, t-shirts, glassware, baubles, dishes, mugs and magnets all with words of your own choice. 

Be Fandabbydosey at Made In Ashford

Jo has a creative background and is heavily inspired by her mum who never stopped creating despite having MS. Creativity was an outlet for Jo’s mum and she even made her own Wedding Dress! 

Her passion for all things creative has been passed on to Jo who says her mum is the driving force behind her business.  

Prints from Be Fandabbydosey at Made In Ashford

Just a word of warning, it's all a little bit swear-wordy! Jo assures me that it's not meant to take offence and hopes that everyone will see the cheeky and funny side of her work. 

Befandabbydozzy will be open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11 - 4pm on Sunday.

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