Ashford Snow Dogs

There has been quite a build up, the excitement has been mounting and here they are… THE ASHFORD SNOWDOGS!
ash hound snow dog college

The dogs are out around the trail and you can get maps to locate them from Made in Ashford.

We are so lucky here at Made in Ashford because 5 of Ashford’s snow dogs have been designed by incredible artists who are or have been tenants in our wonderful little shop. These include current tenants Tiny Beegle and Victoria & Robbins as well as 2 of our previous tenants Deborah Woodward art and Circa 1990.

ashford snow dog trail map

There is also the discover Ashford snow dogs app. Where you can log all the snow dogs that you find on the trail by entering their codes into it and you get special rewards including some special prizes that are collected from Made in Ashford! The app includes a trail map and a pedometer to show you how many steps you have taken to complete your trail.

ashford snow dog socks

There is a launch party on Saturday at the bandstand and there maybe a very special snowy guest and his 4 legged friend.

Here are some pictures of some of the dogs we have seen so far:

We know that you are going to love the snow dogs so much so we are selling some official souvenirs from  the Ashford Snow Dogs trail. We have figurines, paint your own snow dogs, key rings, magnets and tea towels!

snow dog figuresashford snow dogs tea towel

It has already been such an exciting experience. I watched Danielle Williamson of Tinybeegle be interviewed by the BBC about her experience painting Ashford college’s Ash-hound. She is also just putting the final touches to a special window in store, dog themed of course! Lots of people have been talking about it and doing the trail already.

tiny beegle snow dog interview

Here I am at Made in Ash-hound with the guy behind all of this, Chris Dixon along with the Pilgrims Hospice. A massive well done and thank you to Chris and the Hospice as well as the brilliant team of artists. I know how much work and hurdles they have over come to make this happen for our town.

Chris dixon ashford snow dogs selfie

Enjoy your Ashford Snow Dogs experience.

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