Ashford mural: Bright Moments - Happy Days

Our incredible art project with local Ukrainian residents has now come to an end and our amazing collaborative mural is finished. We are so proud of our community collaborative mural in Ashford town centre.
This project is a celebration of Ukraine & Ashford which has been developed & designed over the last couple of months through a series of free art workshops for the Ukrainian community. We have developed sketch books through different themed workshops each week delivered by local artists. The focus of our sketch books has been patterns & motifs with a particular look at ideas that inspire us from Ukraine & Ashford. We hope you recognise some of the elements of our design.
The piece has been titled:
Bright Moments - Happy Days by one of our participants, Maria. We love this name and hope that this bright mural brings happiness to the hearts of so many of the people in our community of Ashford.
We have had some amazing feedback from passers by. We met even more people from the Ukrainian community in Ashford who were so happy to see the symbols & pictures that reminded them of home. One member of the public said "You don't know how much this means to me to see this in Ashford." Comments like this made painting in all weathers totally worth it and have made us even more proud of our finished piece. 
The different elements of the mural can be found explained in more detail on our Instagram page.
This project was funded by The Freemason Charity & managed by Kent Community Foundation.
Thanks go to the artists on the project @tinybeegle @gracefullyboho @pancake___cat @taniapaigedesigns @aye_aye_boutique and guest workshop leader @jackdawandbear as well as all of the incredibly talented Ukrainian participants. with special thanks to Maria! 
Final Design by @tinybeegle
Special thanks to @chrisdixon_works for helping us find a space for our final piece as well as all of the support & encouragement along the way!
Thank you to the team at Concept training for all of their support & hard work with people & families who are resettling and help with this project!
And a thank you to the Beehive team for keeping us warm with hot drinks throughout the week!

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