A treat from Made in Pixieland

So it looks like some of us will be staying at home, keeping safe a little longer (certainly our little pixies). Our lovely friend at Made in Pixieland thought we may like something to cheer us up and has given us this free printable of her design. Download and print from the PDF link here and enjoy your treat from her. You can pop it in your window or on your notice board, anywhere that will cheer you up!

If you would like to see the Made in Pixieland products that we have available on our website please click this link.

Remember our web shop is open even though we are closed, we are still trying our best to help our creative businesses and our community even without our bricks and mortar shop! 

This image remains the copyright of Made in Pixieland and cannot be distributed by anyone other than Made in Ashford and Made in Pixieland without prior written agreement. This is to only be downloaded by members of the public and cannot be used for financial gain or produced on anything other than a print out from a home printer.


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