VE day celebration craft - Medals of Memories

This is a great little craft for children to celebrate Victory in Europe day. We wanted to think about those in our families who contributed in the armed forces, those who were left at home in WW2 and those who were children living through those war years. The idea of making medals with the names of our relatives who lived through the war emerged so we could proudly wear them, talk about their stories and research medals. It was a really fun craft and conversation afternoon and we thought we would share it with you.

Step 1.

Draw out medals, we used recycled card cereal packet thickness. Include some medals with links (pictured) some without.  Use something round to get good circles. Cut these out (you may need a grown ups help).

Step 2. Draw the ribbons in card (make sure they are smaller than the links). You can use actual ribbons if you have any. Cut these out (you may need a grown ups help).

Step 3. Colour in the medals.

Step 4. Colour in the ribbons. We researched some of the medals our family had received and the colours on their ribbons, some we created ourselves.

Step 5. Attach the ribbons and medals together. We used some tape to attach them together. For for some of the ribbons we trimmed off the corners so they came down a little more angular. 

Step 6. Add a fastening. We used a pin (be careful they are sharp) with some tape but you could use double sided tape to stick it on your t-shirt or even tape rolled up to be double sided.

Step 7. Write on them the names of family members you want to remember and celebrate on them, research medals or design your own!

Step 8. Where them proudly, celebrate VE day and remember the lives of those who lived through world war 2 at home or in the forces.


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