Queens platinum Jubilee Activity Pack FREE Printable

Queens platinum Jubilee Activity Pack

To celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee 4 of the makers and creators from Made in Ashford have put together a wonderful activity pack. They have produced 20 pages of activities, colouring, DIY celebration bunting, craft papers and games printed on to quality card. Artists include Katy & the Bear, Made in Pixieland, Poppekins and Tinybeegle (who also did the cover design and layout).
The profits from sales of this activity book go back into Craftship Enterprise CIC to help support more artists financially, give creativity to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it, such as free craft in the community and keep making projects like this! The hard copy is available to buy in Made in Ashford now or online by clicking this link.


Download and print a FREE Jubilee printable activity pack here.


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