Layla Saves the World Colouring Sheet

Layla our friendly alien mascot is saving the world! 

We think this is pretty close to reality right now as we feel like we are doing our bit to save the creative world (maybe just our world). Through our efforts to support Kent's creatives who are producing these amazing colouring in sheets and activities for you to use at home for FREE!

Let the creatives keep creating creative creations for you to create with! 

Save, download and print this colouring sheet designed for Craftship Enterprise CIC by Shallow Lagoon. Enjoy!

This image remains the copyright of Shallow Lagoon and cannot be distributed by anyone other than Made in Ashford (Craftship Enterprise CIC) and Shallow Lagoon without prior written agreement. This is to only be downloaded by members of the public and cannot be used for financial gain or produced on anything other than a print out from a home printer - and dont forget it!


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