Small silver and black glass cufflinks

Small silver and black glass cufflinks

Kate Baker Mosaic Muse
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Silver and Black Stringer Rod Cufflinks

These are a monochromed styled cufflink.. with a rod of 1mm back glass laid within the layers of clear and silver coloured glass. Packs a punch with red, orange or yellow. Hand cut and fused glass. Wear with attitude.

  • 1cm - 2cm approx

Other designs available

Kate Baker mosaic muse makes handmade glass fusion items, including jewellery, and mosaic art. She creates from her workshop in Deal,surrounded by the countryside which inspires her work and the colours she chooses. The hobby she has had since 1997 is now her full time(ad)VENTURE. Kate loves making unique pieces of art... beautiful enough to be worn, or for the home and garden, from materials recycled and re-purposed, to be loved again or from scratch, to be loved from new.