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Shampoo and conditioning bar trial size

Soapy Willow
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2 in 1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER (VEGAN) trial size

“Real” shampoo, NOT soap. Formulated to have the same pH as your hair so no special rinses are required to neutralise the high pH of a soap based shampoo bar.

Contains moisturising ingredients to make a conditioning shampoo for frequent use.

Can last for 40-80 washes depending on amount used for each wash.

Full explanation of ingredients enclosed


Hi, I am Judy from SOAPY WILLOW. I started making soap after becoming disillusioned with the amount of human made chemicals in our cosmetic products. I replaced all of the chemicals with natural ingredients & was amazed at the results, finding that I no longer needed to use moisturising products. This has started me on a mission to reduce unnecessary chemicals & reduce waste.I have since progressed to making other products with either no additional chemicals or naturally derived ingredients from plant sources i.e. coconut & grains. I DO NOT use palm oil in any of my products however. We are also committed to reducing plastic & waste in our products using recycled card for our boxes, recyclable & reusable paper, tins and glass.